LeSean McCoy's Clone, Philadelphia Eagles RB Dion Lewis, Will Benefit from Trade

By Joe Doris
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like there is next-to-no chance that RB Dion Lewis will remain a member of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2013, as the Birds placed the youngster on the trade block earlier this week.

There are certainly not a slew of NFL teams lining up for the chance to bring Lewis aboard, as he has done nothing significant in his two years with the Eagles. Lewis has become invisible in the Eagles’ backfield now that RB Bryce Brown has emerged as the clear-cut starter as well as a change-of-pace back.

It seems as if Lewis is recognized mostly for being a carbon copy of Eagles starting stud RB LeSean McCoy, who is also short, compact, fast and very elusive. Both tailbacks also played their college ball at the University of Pittsburgh, where Lewis actually had the more memorable career.

But it has been a whole different story in the NFL, where McCoy has emerged as an elite professional running back, and Lewis is now on the verge of unemployment. If the Eagles are not able to find a trade partner who they can dump the burden of Lewis on, they will more than likely just cut him.

The most concerning thing about Lewis’ career to date is that he has only regressed since entering the league, and has done nothing to prove that he can perform any better.

It is all too common for a running back to thrive in the college ranks, where he thinks he is invincible, before tumbling fast out of the NFL due to either arrogance or a flat-out lack of ability.

It is unclear whether Lewis has anything more to offer his potential new NFL suitors, but it is safe to say that it will be in his best interest to put Philly in his rear-view, and try to make a mark elsewhere.


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