Ryan Fitzpatrick Admits He Had to Swallow Pride to Join Tennessee Titans

By Andrew Fisher
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not a word that quarterbacks want to hear – backup. It’s a word that can now describe Ryan Fitzpatrick, as he recently signed on to backup Jake Locker with the Tennessee Titans.

While a lot of us saw this coming for a long time, Fitzpatrick did not. In his mind he was a starting quarterback, and he knew his best chance to do that was in Buffalo. So when that reality was destroyed, he had no choice but to accept his fate as a reserve.

The QB had this to say on the whole ‘backup’ situation:

“You have to swallow your pride a little bit. I felt like Buffalo was the best place for me to start next season, and it didn’t work out. So when that relationship ended, I knew I was going to be looking at a backup role. I am a competitor. I want to be out there and helping the team win on Sunday, but that’s the reality of the situation right now.”

As you can gather from his tone, it doesn’t seem like he’s exactly thrilled with his new role. I undertand, but that’s what he is right now. Fitzpatrick has been decent so far in his career, but certainly not great. He hasn’t earned a shot at another starting gig, so he’ll have to make do with a backup role for the time being.

I do think he’ll eventually get another chance at starting. He’s shown enough that I think if put in the right situation, he could be successful. I don’t know how much better he can get, but it’s unlikely we’ve seen the best of him so far.

For now, he’s Locker’s backup. I don’t think the coaching staff will hesitate to put Fitzpatrick in, if Locker is not getting it done over a significant period of time this season. It’s Locker’s team, but he’s only four or five bad games from being heavily scrutinized in Tennessee. I’m sure Fitzpatrick will take any chance he can get to return to the field in 2013.


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