Seattle Seahawks: Tim Tebow Combined With Josh Portis Is The Perfect Backup QB To Russell Wilson

By Bob Kaupang
Tim Tebow, Seattle Seahawks
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow and Josh Portis would make the perfect backup quarterback to Russell Wilson on the Seattle Seahawks. Portis has the body and physical skills of a great player and Tebow has all of the intangibles that make good players into great ones.

Unfortunately for Portis, he hasn’t demonstrated the “between the ears” aspect of being a person of character and great leader of a franchise.

I realize anyone can make a mistake in life. We all have. However, Portis has more than one red flag. While at Maryland in 2009, he was caught blatantly cheating on an exam and then transferred to California University at Pennsylvania where he used a credit card and tried signing up for a promotional offer, using his name, with stolen property.

That would be like a friend of mine stealing your car and then me trying to sell it to your neighbor. It doesn’t take a lot of brain power to figure out that that probably isn’t a good idea, especially if you’re an athlete who is more publicly recognizable than the average person.

Unfortunately for Tebow, he doesn’t have the arm strength and more importantly, the accuracy of most NFL quarterbacks. He makes up for it with character, grit and determination.

In a way, except for height, Wilson is almost a combination of the general athletic ability of Portis and the work ethic of Tebow.

Since Portis and Tebow can’t be combined into one person, it appears even with a Tebow acquisition that the Seahawks would still be searching for a legitimate backup to Wilson even though this particular fan of the Seahawks would be okay with Tebow on the roster over a few of the other options that have been rumored such as Vince Young.


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