5 Biggest Mistakes of NFL Offseason

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5 Biggest Mistakes of NFL Offseason

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Each February, one NFL team adds their name to history and raises the Vince Lombardi Trophy with Super Bowl Glory. This past year the Baltimore Ravens were a surprise champion. Now each of the other 31 franchises are attempting to get there. Several avenues exist in order to improve a franchise. Trades, free agency, and the NFL Draft allow an opportunity to add talent to a roster. Organizations also must wisely decide who to re-sign from their own talent as well as how much is appropriate to give them.

During these past few months, such transactions have occurred that will undoubtedly shape the 2013 season. A particular signing that stands out was Greg Jennings to the Minnesota Vikings. Jennings continues to be a dangerous playmaker despite his age. He is arguably the best receiver on their team in years. A veteran presence is now there that was lacking before.

The San Francisco 49ers made a practical trade giving up little by way of draft picks to acquire backup quarterback Colt McCoy. McCoy may not be an ideal fit for the Read-Option, but he is a nice insurance policy for Colin Kaepernick.

With football being such a competitive sport, there is a great deal of pressure to perform. These expectations both from fans and media create an environment where results are needed immediately. Owners sometimes panic by either pulling off trades that don’t work or overpaying players that are on their own team. Making these mistakes hampers a franchise’s ability to make other helpful moves. Here are five transactions that likely will come back to haunt these teams in the future.

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Miami Dolphins Overpay Dannell Ellerbe

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This is a player who could prove to be a one hit wonder. Dannelle Ellerbe definitely cashed in on a tremendous postseason. Ellerbe joined in with Paul Kruger to form a great pass rushing duo for the Baltimore Ravens. He was also a major part of a defense that was hampered by injury. Ellerbe registered a tremendous 92 combined tackles. Prior to this year his highest amount was 42. It may have been a decent pick up for thee Miami Dolphins, but they have overpaid with a $35 million contract.

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Baltimore Ravens Trade Anquan Boldin

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It was a remarkable few months for the Ravens. Already mentioned in this discussion was the loss of Ellerbe. Miami spent too much, but he was a high energy linebacker for the Ravens who have lost many starters while the other side of the ball also suffered. Veteran wide receiver Anquan Boldin provided great size and speed as a target for Joe Flacco. He also played a huge role in Baltimore’s postseason run. This made their decision to send Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers a terrible move. Torrey Smith is a dynamic playmaker, but he needs help to avoid becoming double teamed constantly. Parting ways with Boldin was bad enough, but only getting a sixth- round pick in return is awful.

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Seattle Seahawks Surrender First Round Pick for Percy Harvin

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The Seattle Seahawks are inching closer to San Francisco in the NFC West. Russell Wilson appears to be a great third round find. Wilson’s poise and physical gifts make him a great fit for head coach Pete Caroll’s offense. Although they have a tremendous defense especially with their secondary, they are more than capable of moving downfield.

All that was missing was a game breaking receiver on the outside. Their response to Boldin was acquiring Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings. In theory it is a great addition as he brings excitement to his offense. The problem is he suffers from chronic migraines and his attitude could be a bit of a headache as well.

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Miami Dolphins Make Mike Wallace Too Rich

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Once again a speedy wide receiver makes this list. FormerPittsburg Steeler Mike Wallace laughed all the way to the bank as he inked a five-year $60million deal. This is not to say that Wallace is not an effective player, he simply is not in the top-three discussion that his salary suggests. Someone like Calvin Johnson belongs in a different category. Wallace has tremendous ability, but Johnson has a more diverse game.

Wallace has only reached double digits in touchdown receptions once in a single season. That was also two years ago. He will be a great target for second year quarterback Ryan Tannehillhowever, his contract is just too much.

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Dallas Cowboys Give Tony Romo Six More Years

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p>In typical Jerry Jones fashion it is one step forward two steps back for the Dallas Cowboys. This was the product of a six year, $108 million extension given to quarterback Tony Romo. Yes, Dallas gained cap room that they were desperate for, but they have also tied their long-term future to Romo who has been an enigma.

If success was based only on regular season stats, then Romo would clearly be among the league’s best quarterbacks. Romo has a career passer rating of 95.6. It is his decision making in crucial times, as well as his failure to win the biggest games that is the problem. An example of a critical mistake would be the attempted screen against the Washington Redskins that basically ended his team’s season. Also, he only has a grand total of one playoff win.