Can Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weeden Handle the Pressure in 2013?

(David Richard/USA Today Sports)

The Cleveland Browns have kept themselves busy this offseason with numerous key additions, but there’s still plenty of questions when it comes to the quarterback position and Brandon Weeden. The Browns used a first-round pick on Weeden last year and while most rookies are expected to struggle during their first season under center, but the team expected more out of him since he was older than most rookies.

Now, Weeden enters the 2013 season facing plenty of pressure when it comes to job security considering this may be his final shot to prove himself.

Weeden is already at a disadvantage since he was older than most rookies last season and there’s no telling how many good years he has in him. Weeden showed potential at times during his rookie season in 2012, but the fact that he finished with just 14 touchdowns and 17 interceptions is a reason to be concerned.

Plus, the last thing the Browns want to do is invest all of this time in Weeden and pass on other quarterbacks–which is why 2013 could make or break Weeden’s chances when it comes to the starting job. This year’s draft is filled with plenty of talented quarterbacks the Browns may want to consider if things with Weeden don’t work out and the last thing they want to do is regret their decision to keep him around.

Sure, the argument can be made that Cleveland didn’t provide him with enough talent last season at wide receiver–but that’s not going to chance the amount of pressure he’ll be facing next season.

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