Cleveland Browns Draft: Spotlight on QB Geno Smith

By Ryan Ruiz
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past fourteen years, the Cleveland Browns have struggled mightily at the quarterback position. Not since Bernie Kosar has there been serious stability at the most important position in football. This year’s NFL draft has a somewhat weak quarterback class. Headlining the group is West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback, Geno Smith. Could the Browns look in Smith’s direction in a few weeks?

The risk to select Smith may be just way too much to take for the new Browns regime. So many comparable rookie quarterbacks have fallen flat on their face in the NFL. What makes Smith so different from the rest?

The 22 year old has all the intangibles to be an NFL quarterback. Arm strength, athleticism, leadership qualities, size and desire to win are his main attributes. Smith compares to former NFL quarterback, Aaron Brooks. Is all this enough though?

The former Mountaineer signal caller threw for over 11,000 yards and 98 passing touchdowns in his college career. Smith has a confidence and swagger to him that only few quarterbacks possess. However, the knock on Smith will be he has only played in a spread offense and much like Cleveland quarterback, Brandon Weeden in college, he was in the shotgun 99% of the time at West Virginia.

There is no in between for Smith. He will either be really good and frustrate defenses, or he will be terrible and be out of the league before you can say Akili Smith. The Browns should not draft Smith and stick with Weeden. It is way too much risk to draft Smith.

In a couple of weeks, we will find out what teams were really high on Smith or if was all just another smoke screen. For fans of the brown-and-orange, hearing Smith’s name called when Cleveland goes on the clock will only frustrate them more.

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