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Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Ware Should Listen to his Own Advice

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A few days ago there was plenty of uproar and misguided analysis over what Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware had to say about quarterback Tony Romo’s new contract. Too much was made over the “put up or shut up” comment and I’ve already established that it wasn’t directed at Romo, but rather the entire Cowboys organization.

However, for some reason Ware hasn’t listened to his own advice. He spoke with on Pro Football Talk NBC and the other day and Ware couldn’t help but continue to talk in circles.

“We will have a better season than last year. We will not be .500 like the last two years we’ve been. I can tell you that.”

Wasn’t Ware the one saying the time for talk is over and it’s time to show it on the field? He said it was “put up or shut up time,” yet he comes out just a day later and guarantees the Cowboys will be better than 8-8 in 2013. It’s just a tad hypocritical for Ware take about how the Cowboys need to play better and not just talk a good game when he’s guaranteeing things months before the season starts.

Perhaps Ware needs to listen to his own advice and be quiet. He should work hard on his rehab and get his head inside the new defense so that he’s ready to go when he steps onto the field as a full-time defensive end. It doesn’t sound to me like he’s shutting up, so Ware better “put up” big numbers in this upcoming season.

DeMarcus Ware was right the other day when he said it was time for the Cowboys to “put up or shut up,” and it should start with him.

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