New Orleans Saints Will Be Back in the NFC South Battle

By Michael Collins
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

As much as Atlanta Falcons fans must have enjoyed last year’s joy ride all the way to the NFC Championship game,which included a blistering of the New Orleans Saints hides in Atlanta, there had to be a certain amount of anti-climactic sentiment going on to see their team win the NFC South without much of a challenge.

That should all change in 2013, as the Saints are going to be back at full strength–on the field and in the coaches box–and will be ready to duke it out with their hated rivals from the Peach State again.

When the Saints and Falcons are both playing good ball, it’s good for the NFL. Traditional rivalries always are good, but not when they are lopsided. This year, both teams should be on top of their games and showing off some newly acquired talent.

I’ve written before about how the Falcons-Saints rivalry is one of the nastiest there is in the league, not only from team to team, but from fans to fans.

You know that line that’s just not crossed when you are taunting your rivals?

It’s just non-existent when it comes to these two teams.

Falcons players openly troll Saints fans on Twitter and antagonize them regularly, and of course, the Saints are more than happy to reciprocate. It’s all just good clea…well, it’s fun anyway.

Watch out when these two teams get together this year, because it’s not going to be pretty and it will more than likely be two games that will play a big part in deciding who the NFC South champion is going to be.

The Falcons will be glad to have the Saints fighting back without any excuses this year, and the Saints are going to be out to prove that Atlanta’s runaway train of a season could have been derailed if they had been a complete team.

You want to make Kim Jong-un stop his ridiculous threats and posturing? Just send a satellite feed of these two games to North Korean television and let them know that this is what’s in store for them if they don’t sit down and behave.


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