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New York Jets Visiting With Dee Milliner Could Mean Nothing or Everything

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The NFL Draft is approaching now less than three weeks away. Teams are notorious for creating smoke screens about who they are truly interested in. Visits are planned with players who are out of a certain franchise’s range. It is unknown whether that is the case with the New York Jets. Alabama cornerback Dee Milliner will meet with Jets officials. Milliner is considered the top prospect at his position.

Given his talent, there is a question as to New York’s future ideas. First of all, and perhaps most importantly, Milliner is expected to be out of range when they take the podium. There is, however, an underlying point here.

By hosting a cornerback who is considered to be a coveted player, this could present some insight into what the Jets have in store for star cornerback Darrelle Revis. Revis, as many know, has been the subject of trade rumors for several weeks now. His presence has brought an intimidation factor to the Jets’ defense since 2007. It would be difficult to replicate such talent if Revis were to leave town.

Milliner excites scouts and other experts with such potential. No matter how good Milliner turns out to be, I doubt that he could develop into the shutdown defender Revis has been during his career. This is not to take anything away from him as he was excellent in college and I feel he will be very good at the next level. There is just no one right now who can have the same impact that Revis has made. Suddenly, there is doubt as to whether he is going to be traded at all. Talks with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have cooled off to some degree.

Compensation for a deal must include at least a second round pick this year in addition to the proposed first and second round picks that were offered for the 2014 Draft. If Revis is gone, Milliner would help to soften the blow of his departure somewhat. Since New York apparently has a degree of interest, “Revis Island” could relocate soon.


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