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New York Jets Will Not Lose Any Sleep Without Chaz Schilens

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

If this offseason seems confusing for fans of the New York Jets, they should remember last summer. Trading for quarterback Tim Tebow of course created a distraction for the team. Another head scratching transaction was New York signing wide receiver Chaz Schilens. Schilens did have some appeal as one of the young speedy options for the Oakland Raiders.

New York tried to fill the void after losing Plaxico Burress.  Santonio Holmes went down early in the season forcing Schilens to deal with extra attention from opposing defensive backs. Stephen Hill turned out to be somewhat unreliable during his rookie season, and the rest of their receiver group also struggled last year. It obviously was not simply just Schilens who failed to show up, but he also did not rise to the occasion himself.

He had 28 catches with two touchdowns. One positive for him is that he was able to help shed the perception that he is injury prone. Schilens played in 15 games during the 2012 season. Although he left a visit with the Tennessee Titans, there will be a place for him in the NFL. Tall receivers who can beat defensive backs using quickness are always in demand. The Jets have yet to sign a player at this position, but they can easily find an upgrade through the NFL Draft. As far as being a priority, this position could be addressed around the third or fourth round. He could help someone, but Schilens turned out to be a bad signing by former general manager Mike Tannenbaum.



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