Seattle Seahawks Searching For A Legitimate QB To Backup Russell Wilson

By Bob Kaupang
Brady Quinn, Seattle Seahawks
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that the final four doesn’t only apply to the current college basketball tournament happening right now in Atlanta. It also appears that the Seattle Seahawks have their list of final four candidates to replace the recently traded Matt Flynn to serve as the backup quarterback to Russell Wilson.

While the college basketball final four is about being the best of the best, the Seahawks’ search for a backup is more of a case of what the team believes is a list of the best of the worst. While Flynn was an overpriced backup, he was also considered to be one of the best backup options in the NFL. While the Seahawks have decided to save money, they are also sacrificing quality. It’s opportunity cost at its very best.

The four candidates include, in no particular order, Brady Quinn (pictured above), Tyler Thigpen, Seneca Wallace, and a former Pete Carroll pupil in Matt Leinart. I have recently written about Thigpen and Wallace to the Seahawks. The other two names that seem to have reached the final four include Quinn, most recently of the Kansas City Chiefs and Leinart, who spent this past season with the Oakland Raiders.

Both quarterbacks are former first-round draft picks who never met expectations. Leinart has bounced between three teams in a seven year career while Quinn has also played for three organizations in his six years in the NFL. Another common aspect in their careers is throwing more interceptions than touchdowns.

While each of these quarterbacks do not exactly inspire hope and confidence, if they did have to see real game action for the Seahawks in 2013, you can bet that they will have never played with a better supporting cast of talent in the NFL. Your supporting cast can always make you look better or worse than you really are, and this is definitely needed if one of these list of final four candidates is forced into action for the Seahawks in the year ahead.

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