Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco Not Ideal to Play Johnny Unitas in Film

By Michael Terrill
Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco Not Ideal to Play Johnny Unitas in Film
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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is set to play Johnny Unitas in the upcoming feature film “Unitas We Stand”. However, are there any current NFL signal callers other than Flacco that could do a better job portraying Unitas on the gridiron?

Joe Unitas, the son of Johnny, is reportedly thrilled about getting Flacco to sign on for the project. In fact, Joe could not have seen any other quarterback doing a better job playing his father than Flacco.

“A lot of the way Joe plays and his demeanor reminds me a lot of my dad,” Unitas said, according to “He’s not a rah-rah guy. He throws a touchdown and maybe there’s a little fist pump. He understands his job is all about winning and he does a phenomenal job leading the offense and the team and obviously, they’ve developed a lot of trust after becoming a champion. He’s an awesome teammate and great leader of the team.”

Any fans in Baltimore that are concerned about Flacco missing camp can rest easy. Filming is set to start in mid-July, but Flacco will only appear in the final scenes of the movie during which the Baltimore Colts’ 1958 championship game occurs. This means he will not be needed on set every day, which will allow for the production of the film to be scheduled around a period of time that works for Flacco.

When I first heard about a current NFL quarterback portraying Unitas, I instantly thought of Peyton Manning for the part. Manning moves like Unitas on the football field, and has a similar presence about him. Obviously, the fact that both players suited up for the Colts does not hurt either, even if Manning played for the Indianapolis Colts.

Considering it is only football scenes that Flacco will appear in, I am sure he will do a decent job. With that being said, there is not a doubt in my mind Manning would have been more convincing in the part. Maybe Flacco will shock all of us a second time in two years with a solid performance.

The adapted screenplay for “Unitas We Stand” is written by Joe Unitas and Nick Slatkis. The film is scheduled to be released sometime in 2014.

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