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Cincinnati Bengals 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 5: 7 Rounds

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Cincinnati Bengals Seven-Round Mock Draft

Mock Draft
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The 2013 NFL Draft could go in a number of ways at this point for the Cincinnati Bengals. Like the draft as a whole, no two people can seem to agree on who they will look to take. Fans have their favorites, the media has ideas, but it's almost impossible to accurately predict the direction Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis will go.

Free agency continues to be an endeavor the Bengals have little interest in. This week's signing was quarterback John Skelton, who will compete, and is the favorite for, the backup job to Andy Dalton. Other than that, the team continues to be silent. They did schedule a visit with safety Usama Young, but there hasn't been a deal yet.

The biggest free agency news is still the lack of an agreement with right tackle Andre Smith. Smith and the team seem to be far apart still, though negotiations are ongoing. There hasn't been much interest from other teams, and the other RTs on the market aren't getting much attention either. Fans are getting antsy at this point, but the Bengals have no reason to rush, and, for now anyway, hold all the cards. They would obviously want to get things done before the draft so they can accurately assess their needs. If he signs elsewhere, they may draft a T much earlier than they had planned.

Other than T, linebacker, receiver, running back and S still seem to be Cincinnati's biggest needs, and likely targets in the draft. With lots of talent on the roster, they may just choose the best available player in each round, irregardless of need. Here's the newest prediction, based on where they're at now.

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Round One: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State

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This is a case of best available player lining up with need. Talent-wise, Arthur Brown is near the top of this year's draft class. He's versatile, fast, and makes plays. The LB corps will be must stronger with Brown on board.

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Round Two (A): Eric Reid, S, LSU

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Eric Reid is one of the top safeties in a deep class. His coverage ability needs some refinement, but he has range and brings a big hit when making a tackle. He'd start instantly in Cincinnati.

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Round Two (B): Giovani Bernard, RB, North Carolina

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Everybody expects the Bengals to take a RB in this year's draft, and likely one with speed to pair with BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Giovani Bernard brings a home run threat to the Cincinnati backfield, and would be a popular addition to the team.

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Round Three: Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

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Tyrann Mathieu is a player who is being connected with the Bengals more and more often. The troubled CB has a long history of trouble off the field, but is a playmaker on it. His knack for creating turnovers would make him a valuable player. He's also a dynamic return man.

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Round Four: Chris Faulk, OT, LSU

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The Bengals may or may not need a T in the draft. Even if Smith does re-sign, they could look to add young talent at the position. Chris Faulk is coming off an injury, but has plenty of talent and could eventually be a starter.

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Round Five: Landry Jones, QB, Oklahoma

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The Bengals have added two free agents at QB, but could still select one if they think it benefits them, especially in the long run. Landry Jones has the size and arm strength to develop into a solid NFL player, if given time.

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Round Six (A): Vince Williams, LB, Florida State

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Linebacker is a position that could be addressed more than once in the draft. They have mostly young, unproven talent, and depth could be important. Vince Williams is versatile and could provide valuable snaps.

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Round Six (B): Walter Stewart, DE, Cincinnati

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If it weren't for health concerns, Walter Stewart would be an early-round pick in the draft. His talent is unquestionable, but teams will worry about his ability to play long-term. If he comes all the way back, he'd be a steal here.

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Round Seven (A): Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech

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The Bengals may elect to pass on using an early pick on a wide receiver, but could still seek to add one later in the draft. Marcus Davis is a big player who provides another nice target for Dalton. He'd likely be the fifth receiver, but could move up with his talent.

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Round Seven (B): Onterio McCalebb

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Onterio McCalebb is a small, but incredibly fast RB. His size limits what he can do from the backfield, but he is another player who could provide big plays in the return game. His value lies in his ability to break the occasional big play.