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Denver Broncos Continue Pre-Draft Homework, Visit With Quarterback

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As reported by Mike Klis of the Denver Post, the Denver Broncos visited with Miami of Ohio quarterback Zac Dysert on Monday. It’s an interesting visit on many levels but in the end, the Broncos are just doing their homework.

There are many around the NFL who subscribe to the theory that the position of quarterback is so important that teams should draft one every year regardless of how good or bad their current situation may be. The New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady in the sixth-round when Drew Bledsoe was in his prime, and we all know how that turned out.

If the Broncos do select a quarterback it does not mean they have questions about Brock Osweiler. On the contrary, the team is even more sold on Osweiler then they were when they picked him in the third-round last year. There are experts who believe that Osweiler would have been the first quarterback taken if he had stayed in school, and come out this year.

John Elway and the Broncos firmly believe that Osweiler is the future for the Broncos, but that doesn’t mean they can’t or shouldn’t draft another one. As stated earlier, the position is the most important one in sports and drafting a young one every year makes sense on a lot of levels.

It’s also important to remember that just because the Broncos are visiting with Dysert doesn’t mean they are going to pull the trigger. They are just doing what good organizations do, their homework. What happens if they really like Dysert and he, for whatever reason, drops to the seventh-round? If he’s the best player available at the point, then why not take a shot?

The Broncos also have only two quarterbacks currently under contract, and well need to add two more before training camp starts. Teams need four arms to get through camp. I expect the Broncos to sign a veteran to be the third-string guy behind Peyton Manning and Osweiler, but it is possible they could add the fourth guy through the draft. The Broncos are not going to draft a quarterback in the first three or four rounds, but that doesn’t mean they should not be prepared if someone they like falls.

In the end I agree with my fellow Broncos writer, Craig Moir in that I would be a little surprised if the Broncos did draft Dysert or another quarterback. However I understand the thinking if Elway does decide to go that way. The position is just too important in today’s NFL.

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