Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning Donates $500,000 to Great Cause

By Joe Morrone

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

When the Denver Broncos essentially traded Tim Tebow for Peyton Manning last year, not every fan was thrilled. In fact, there were many that were very upset, and some still are. There’s no rational argument that can be made that states Tebow is better on the field than Manning, but there are still some who believe that keeping Tebow would have been better for other reasons.

Those reasons are that Tebow is a great guy, does things for others and is a model citizen off the field. All of those things are true, but it is a great disservice to Manning, who does more off the field and in the community than almost anyone else in the NFL.

Manning and his wife Ashley Manning have donated $500,000 to the Pat Summit Foundation, which is set up by the former Tennessee Volunteers women’s basketball coach in an effort to fight Alzheimer’s. Summit resigned after learning she was diagnosed with the disease. Manning and Summit have been close every since the Broncos quarterback played for the Volunteers back in the mid-90s.

It’s an unbelievable donation from Manning and his wife, and is only one example of his incredible generosity. While with the Indianapolis Colts, Manning donated a lot of his money and time to build the Children’s Hospital in that city. He still goes back for a fund raising event every summer.

When the tragedy at the Aurora Theater took place last summer in Colorado, Manning called every victim who was in local hospitals. Had it not been for the people who Manning called telling their family and friends, no one would have ever known.

The point here is not to pile on Tebow, who does some great things for people all over the world, and his fans should be proud of that. The point is this: as great as Manning is on the field, he might be even better off of it. The city of Denver, Broncos’ fans and the State of Colorado are lucky to have Manning as a part of their community.

He cares about more than just winning games, and he cares about the community in which he lives and right now, that is Colorado.

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