San Francisco 49ers' Colin Kaepernick Is a Little Bit Country

By Lance Cartelli
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has burst onto the scene since becoming the starter against the Chicago Bears. So much so, that he has been making the rounds in the offseason at different award shows and even presenting at some. He presented the Best Vocal Duo at the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Now, I won’t claim to know what the Academy of Country Music Awards are or what a Luke Bryan is, even though Kaepernick seems to be a huge fan and by the laws of the Transitive Property anything that Colin likes, I like. So, congrats to you Luke Bryan! More importantly, the YouTube video from the ACMs cuts off what I assume would be a playful, yet hilarious banter between Colin and his co-presenter, Michelle Stafford.

Sadly, I must resort to my imagination to come up with this witty dialogue between the two.

And here we go:

Colin: We’re here to present the Best Vocal Duo tonight.

Michelle: I’m sure you and Jim Harbaugh are a pretty vocal duo, am I right?

Colin: No, I actually don’t talk much. But Jim is vocal enough for the both of us!

No. No. Come on, Lance.  You can do better.


Colin (holding trophy):  Hi Michelle, it’s an honor to present the Best Vocal Duo with you tonight.

Michelle: So Colin, how does it feel to actually hold a trophy?

[Oooohhh’s and ahhh’s arise from the audience and a dead silence falls over the crowd]

Colin: No Ravens will be stealing this from me tonight!

That was harsh, Michelle. At least Colin took it in stride, what a good sport!

Okay…last try, let’s do this.

Michelle: Colin, I hear your move is the Kaepernicking. Is that anything like Tebowing?

Colin: Yeah it’s pretty similar…except I win games.

[Huge cheers from the crowd!]

BOOM. NAILED IT. Jay Leno should hire me immediately…oh wait.

Colin may not be Tom Brady and shine in the limelight of award shows, probably because he’s more comfortable throwing touchdowns and kissing biceps. But, Kaepernick’s affinity for Country Music should surprise no one and neither has his astounding rise to superstardom. Sit back, relax and bump that Luke Bryan, Colin. You’ve earned it.

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