Tim Tebow's Days With the New York Jets Mercifully Coming to an End

By Michael Collins
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

It’s doubtful that anyone will fondly look back at the Tim Tebow era with the New York Jets. In fact, the ridiculously over-hyped single year with New York will probably be the equivalent of a budding 21-year-old’s night on the town in the Big Apple when they say, “God, I’ll never do that again.”

Both sides will probably hold that same position.

For the Jets, it was disastrous from day one. Former GM Mike Tannenbaum plopped Tebow into the lap of head coach Rex Ryan, who looked at “gift” of the QB as warmly as your dad looked at his third Santa Claus tie at Christmas.

Ryan didn’t want Tebow to muck up his offensive plans (and I use that term quite loosely), and without really saying so he pretty much let the world know he had no plans of using Tebow outside of emergency circumstances.

For Tebow, he saw it as an opportunity to play on a big stage with what he thought was a playoff caliber team. Since it was obvious John Elway and the Denver Broncos didn’t really want him, he opted to be the small-town boy headed to the big city to make his mark. He didn’t count on being looked at as the red-haired stepchild who couldn’t win regardless of what he did.

But let’s be fair to the Jets. Watching Tebow play quarterback isn’t pretty. He’s awkward and clunky, and has a wildly inconsistent throwing motion. In some games he could look stellar, but most of the time he bordered on mediocrity. Ryan already had one quarterback he was trying to make into a true NFL quality starter in Mark Sanchez, he didn’t need to have to do remediation drills with Tebow.

But the Jets never truly took advantage of the one thing that Tebow could have brought to the team–a winning attitude.

Tebow has the unbelievable ability to step onto a field and just lead a team–seemingly willing them to victory. He doesn’t do it on his own, and he certainly doesn’t usually do it with his arm, but he makes the team believe it can be done. This is a quality that the Jets desperately needed, with a club riddled with divas and in-fighting that had lost their way as winners.

The speculation is that Tebow will be released by the Jets once the NFL Draft is complete, and I’m sure both sides are just ready to turn the page on this chapter. There are a number of potential landing spots for Tebow if he’s released, and all of them with coaches who would probably welcome the addition of a guy who will do whatever it takes to win.

One thing is for sure, I know the NFL world is certainly ready for the Tebow era in New York to end.


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