2013 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Are Wild-Card at No. 2

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Most years, you usually have a pretty good idea what the top teams are going to do with their draft picks. It’s not always as cut and dry as 2012 was, but it’s usually fairly clear. The Kansas City Chiefs are most likely going with one of the top two offensive tackle prospects in Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher, but after that, it’s anyone’s guess how the dominos will fall.

The Jacksonville Jaguars sit at No. 2, and with that pick, a lot will be determined for the other teams. This is mainly because we’ll know if Geno Smith will remain on the board. If Smith stays on the board, then things will get really interesting. We now know that he likely won’t be going to the Oakland Raiders, Buffalo Bills, or Arizona Cardinals, so there are only a couple of realistic landing spots for him in the top-10.

Many would consider it reaching to take Smith with the second pick, and I tend to agree with that. I believe Jacksonville should pass on Smith, and give Blaine Gabbert one more year. They might even want to consider taking the tackle the Chiefs don’t select, to help protect their QB. That’s just one scenario, but I think the Jags are best served to build around Gabbert, rather than replace him.

But as it pertains to the draft, no matter who Jacksonville selects, it will help clear up the picture of what’s to follow. They’re no doubt the wild-card in all of this. The longer that Smith stays on the board, the more interesting the draft is going to get.


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