Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Are Cowboys Interested in Tackle Eric Winston?

By Ben Grimaldi
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Kansas City Chiefs released right tackle Eric Winston, I wrote the Dallas Cowboys should be picking up the phone and trying to sign him. It may have taken longer than expected but reports yesterday had talks between the Cowboys and Winston were heating up.

Unfortunately, dallasnews.com reporter David Moore says it’s not true. Moore writes that even though the Cowboys did reach out to Winston, but there are no negotiations and will not pursue him at this time.

No matter how you look at what’s going on with the Cowboys and Winston, and it all likely comes back to the same point, money. It looks like the Cowboys reached out to Winston and his agent to see how much Winston would want and it was probably more than the Cowboys can afford. With only around $5 million in salary cap space Winston may be out of the Cowboys price range.

Even if Winston could fit into the Dallas’ price range right now it might not make sense for the team to spend close to all of the their cap space, which is what it possibly could take to sign the tackle, on one player now. The draft is right around the corner and the Cowboys might want to see what they can do in the draft before spending too much of their salary cap space. By waiting until after the draft, teams just like the Cowboys who need offensive line help, can draft someone to fit that need, which means the price for Winston could come down and make him more affordable for Dallas.

Winston would be a great pickup for the Cowboys but they are using sound judgment in this instance. Gone are the days of spending just to spend because they have the money to pay a player; now the Cowboys are being calculated with every move they make and it’s making them a better team. Winston’s a good player and would be a big upgrade over Doug Free but if he’s so good why hasn’t there been more suitors? By waiting a little longer

My guess is if he’s available now, he might be available after the draft and maybe that’s when the Cowboys will engage in serious talks with the right tackle. Moore reported the Cowboys aren’t pursuing him ‘at this time,’ which could give us some insight that the door hasn’t closed yet. The process of signing Winston could be coming, just not in the near future.

The Dallas Cowboys have a need at right tackle and Winston could help them fill it perfectly. The interest is there but Cowboys fans may need to be a little more patient to see just how serious the interest is.

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