Jacksonville Jaguars Will Listen To Offers For Second Pick

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Dave Caldwell
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft is what the Jacksonville Jaguars are planning to do with the second overall pick.

What the Jaguars do or do not do with that pick will have an effect on what the other teams inside the top-10 do with their pick. New Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell has said that they really like two particular guys if they are picking second, but he also said that the team will entertain offers for teams looking to move up to select a player that they covet. In fact, Caldwell said on ESPN on Tuesday that the Jaguars have already heard from a few teams with preliminary interest in the second pick.

Given the depth and the lack of star power available at the top of this draft, the ideal situation for the Jaguars would be to trade down and get some much needed extra draft picks. Trading down is easier said than done though. If the Jaguars were to swing a deal for the second pick, it likely will not come until they are on clock on draft night.

The most likely scenario that would allow the Jaguars to trade down involves a team like the Detroit Lions or Arizona Cardinals moving up to assure they get a left tackle, most likely Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher.

If the Jaguars do not get an offer they like for the second pick, I think the two players that the team has narrowed it down to are West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith and Oregon defensive end/outside linebacker Dion Jordan.

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