Kevin Kolb Has One More Chance as NFL Starting Quarterback

By Andrew Fisher
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The reactions varied somewhat when it was announced Kevin Kolb would be signing with the Buffalo Bills, but most fans weren’t exactly thrilled. It would be tough to be excited about signing a quarterback like Kolb, because he simply hasn’t won consistently so far in his career. I don’t know if you can call him bad, but he certainly hasn’t been good.

I do understand why the Bills signed him. It’s not exactly the greatest year for quarterbacks in the draft, and taking any of this year’s top prospects at No. 8 is reaching. Sure, by default, Geno Smith might go in the top-10, but he’s not a top-10 talent most years. So by that alone, I understand Buffalo’s logic.

Kolb was arguably the best QB left on the market, and they decided to roll the dice and give him one last chance. I’m sure they’ll say there will be a quarterback competition between Kolb and Tavaris Jackson, but I’m not buying it. The job is Kolb’s to lose, which he could very well do, but you don’t pay a guy $13 million to be a backup.

We’ve seen what Jackson is capable of as a starter, and he’s shown that he’s merely backup quality. 2013 will be about Kolb, and his last chance as a starter. I do think it’s only fair he gets one last chance. He hasn’t had the best set of circumstances in his first two stops, but the time for excuses is over. If he doesn’t get the job done in Buffalo, it will be strike three.


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