New York Giants: Bring Back Ahmad Bradshaw or Brandon Jacobs?

By Andrew Lecointe
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

NFL Network is reporting that the New York Giants are open to the return of RB Brandon Jacobs, who spent an uneventful year with the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers. It is quite possible that Jacobs may never get a chance to redeem himself. There has been no chatter about him in free agency.

It isn’t a secret, however, that Jacobs enjoyed his time with the Giants and didn’t want to leave in the first place. Jacobs was released as the Giants tried to create flexibility last offseason. Jacobs made the grave mistake of signing with the 49ers, who already had RB Frank Gore, RB Kendall Hunter and RB Anthony Dixon. The 49ers would proceed to draft RB LaMichael James later that month.

It would certainly be nice to see Jacobs back in the Big Blue uniform once again. However, it might make more sense for the Giants to bring back RB Ahmad Bradshaw over Jacobs. Bradshaw was cut this offseason as the Giants looked to create flexibility this offseason. Bradshaw is a couple years younger, and he even appears to be more physical than Jacobs at this point.

Bradshaw has drawn some interest from teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers. It appeared the Steelers would definitely sign him, but it now appears they will wait to assess the improving condition of his foot and knees, which were banged up this past season. The Giants may be doing the same thing with Bradshaw.

The Giants would definitely resort to Jacobs if Bradshaw signs with another team. At the moment, the Giants only have RB David Wilson and RB Andre Brown. The Giants definitely need depth at that position, and a familiar face would be great. Who’s it gonna be? Bradshaw or Jacobs?

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