Will Aaron Rodgers Play His Entire Career With Green Bay Packers?

By Andrew Fisher
Robert Hanashiro-USA Today Sports

With the talk of Aaron Rodgers and his contract extension with the Green Bay Packers, it does beg the question – will Rodgers retire as a member of the Packers? I don’t just mean ‘technically’ either, where he signs a one-day contract, I’m talking about playing every game in his career for the Pack.

This new deal figures to be extremely lucrative, but it’s unclear how many years will be included. You’d have to think five or six, but that’s purely a guess. Rodgers is set to turn 30 in December, so by the time this new deal runs out, he’ll easily be 36. Will the Packers still want to retain his services at that point? Or even worse, does it become another Brett Favre situation?

I’m sure Packers’ fans shutter at that thought, but anything is possible. Back when Favre was 29, did people think he’d ever play for another team? Heck no, so it just goes to show that anything can happen in pro sports.

Do I think Rodgers will end up in a Favre-situation? No, but it’s still possible.

Rodgers saw first hand how ugly it got between the two sides, and I doubt he wants to go down that path. But again, with pro athletes, ego and pride are heavily involved in all aspects of the game. Players can’t see that they don’t have it anymore, or sometimes they don’t see the big picture for the franchise, it happens.

The smart money is that Rodgers will never wear another jersey, and that he’ll finish his career as Packer. I’m going to say, that there’s only a 10 percent chance he ever puts on another uniform.


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