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2013 NFL Draft: Philadelphia Eagles Should Pass On Geno Smith

Rob Christy-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all seen the mock drafts that project quarterback Geno Smith will go to the Philadelphia Eagles with the fourth pick. This is of course if the Jacksonville Jaguars pass on him, which is anyone’s guess at this point.

But if he is available to Philadelphia, should they take him? I think the answer is – no. For starters, it’s just too big of a reach to draft Smith at No. 4. He’s not a top-5 level talent, but because he’s the top-rated quarterback, people think it’s okay to draft him there. It’s not.

Plus, the Eagles aren’t a team in desperate need of a QB. They have Michael Vick, and a solid backup in Nick Foles. The team seems invested in giving Vick one last chance this year, and bringing Smith in could complicate that.

If Philly needed a QB, then it would be a different story, but they certainly don’t need one. I think they’re better served to go in a different direction with the fourth pick. Their offensive line has been atrocious for a couple years now, so if one of the top tackles is still available at four, then that would make much more sense. Almost any other pick, makes more sense than another QB for Philly.

I understand that Smith would fit the mold of what Chip Kelly wants at QB, but so does Vick, and they’ve already signed him for the year. 2013 should be all about Vick’s last chance, and once the results are in, then the Eagles should look at other options if they need to.


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