Cleveland Browns Draft: Spotlight on Safety Kenny Vaccaro

By Ryan Ruiz
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On top of corner back, the Cleveland Browns have other needs in the secondary. There are only a few decent safeties in this year’s NFL Draft, and Kenny Vaccaro of the Texas Longhorns is the best one.

The Browns need another safety very badly and Vaccaro wouldn’t be a bad fit. The Longhorns seem to breed standout safeties every year. A few years ago, Seattle Seahawks sensation Earl Thomas was the star of the Longhorns defense. Vaccaro is just as fierce and will wreak havoc on receivers.

The one asset I like most about Vaccaro is his tackling ability. Part of being able to tackle well in run situations is being able to shed the blocks, and Vaccaro does that very well.  The 23-year-old also has quick rotating hips and can run with any slot receiver or tight end. The soon-to-be star safety in the NFL has great body control and catches the ball with his hands. When I watch him on film, I see a lot of former NFL safety John Lynch in Vacarro.

The downside on the former Longhorns star are all fixable things. Scouts do not like his high tight back-pedal and the fact that he is a true man-to-man safety. While playing for Texas, Vaccaro very rarely played in coverage zones. Vaccaro has also been know to be caught in a “dead stare” to the backfield because of the play action fake.

It will take some good coaching, but the final knock on him is taking bad angles to the ball carrier. Again, these are all fixable things. The athleticism and confidence are there.

The brown-and orange have got to be worried about safety. Usama Young, who started most of the games last year, was released a week ago. If training camp were to begin tomorrow, former seventh-round pick, Eric Hagg would most likely be back there. Cleveland needs a safety in this draft.

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