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Dallas Cowboys Top 5 Draft Needs

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Top 5 Draft Needs For Dallas Cowboys

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The NFL Draft is getting closer, in fact it’s just a little over two weeks away and the Dallas Cowboys must have a good draft in order to get better in 2013. So as we are inching closer to the NFL Draft, it’s time to look at the positions and prospects the Dallas Cowboys should be paying the most attention to. We all know the Cowboys main needs on their current roster are the offensive line, the defensive line and secondary. Those aren’t there only needs but they are the main one’s so here we’ll take a look at who the Cowboys should pick at each position.

The past few days I broke down some of the players who the Cowboys should strongly consider drafting at all different times of the draft, so this list should be fairly obvious to you. It’s the Cowboys top 5 needs heading into April’s draft. This list may change with how the Cowboys handle free agency, heck, it already has changed after the team restructured contracts and released some players, so it is bound to change once again. This list won’t surprise anyone who is a Dallas Cowboys fan because their needs are well known and they must fix their issues with a great draft because they don’t have much money to spend in free agency.

It’s always fun to try and guess who your favorite team will take with their picks but we almost always know our favorite team’s needs. So here are the top 5 needs for the Dallas Cowboys heading into the 2013 NFL Draft:

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5. Quarterback

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No matter if you’re a Tony Romo believer or not, you cannot deny the fact the Cowboys need to groom a quarterback of the future. Good NFL teams draft a quarterback every draft and after seeing the haul you can get for trading an average QB, it’s a no brainer. Romo is getting older and Kyle Orton isn’t the answer so the team must draft and groom Romo’s successor.

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4. Running Back

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Running back has been a spot where the Cowboys have found some nice players over the past few years and most of them have been undrafted, Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar come to mind. The Cowboys have a great player in DeMarco Murray but he’s had issues staying healthy and even though I like the current backups, upgrading the position would be a big plus.

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3. Defensive Line

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The Cowboys defensive line is in need of upgrades and youth. Jay Ratliff shouldn’t even be on the roster and the Cowboys are converting outside linebackers to defensive ends so they need some more help. They do have quality players and a few young capable players but games are won in the trenches and the Cowboys need to solidify the unit.

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2. Safety

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Safety has been an issue for Dallas ever since Darren Woodson left and the team should continue that search this year. They badly need a stud safety and as much as I like Barry Church and Matt Johnson, neither can be classified as a stud and since Gerald Sensabaugh has been released the Cowboys need another presence on the back end of their defense. Will Allen is a nice pickup but he's only on a one-year contract and more stability is needed.

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1. Offensive Line

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The Cowboys offensive line, like the quarterback position, has been ignored for too long. Drafting Tyron Smith was a start but more help is needed. The Cowboys are below average at four spots on the offensive line and they need massive help up front. Drafting at least one player per position is needed and they should think long and hard about select two with their first three picks. The Cowboys need to come out of this draft with offensive line help or they’ll be average again in 2013.