Is Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman Right with His Latest Claim About NFL?

By Ben Grimaldi
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

One of the NFL’s biggest loudmouths is Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman. Very few players talk as much, or as loudly as Sherman and luckily for him, he backs it up with his play. The problem with talking too much though, is that sometimes when you have something important to say, people tend not to believe you.

The latest claim from Richard Sherman is that half of the NFL is on the drug Adderall, the same drug he was originally suspended for before he won his appeal. It’s a strong claim from Sherman and he told the Vancouver Sun the league knows the numbers but can’t do anything about it.

“About half the league takes it [Adderall] and the league has to allow it,” Sherman said. “The league made a mistake in my case. Obviously, I didn’t do anything, but you have to go through a process to prove you didn’t do anything. There are still naysayers out there who don’t believe me. But I accept it.”

Such is life of a trash talker Richard, but the bigger question everyone wants to know is if he’s right? And how does Sherman know so much about Adderall usage if he doesn’t use it himself?

Does half of the NFL take the prescribed drug Adderall, which is used to combat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? In short, Adderall helps people focus better and can also be used as a way to fight obesity, two things that could very well help improve a football player’s performance. If Sherman is correct in saying that half the NFL uses the drug, why hasn’t the NFL caught more people?

It appears as though Sherman’s proclamation leads to more questions than answers and the league should look into the claims. If you remember, no one believed Jose Canseco’s claims about how high the number of steroid users was in baseball and he proved to be pretty accurate, so the NFL should pay attention to the claims.

The NFL has been under fire recently for their rule changes and Richard Sherman may have just added another headache for the league to look into.

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