New York Giants Would Make Huge Mistake In Bringing Back Brandon Jacobs

By jason evans
Kelley L. Cox — US Presswire

There has been talk of Brandon Jacobs trying to get a Giant reunion with the New York Giants. Jacobs really wants to come back to Big Blue after spending a rather uneventful year with the San Francisco 49ers (to put it mildly). Why the Giants would even be interested in doing this is insanity.

Brandon Jacobs is not good enough to be playing on the Giants right now. Andre Brown and David Wilson are definitely better running backs than Jacobs at this point. They are younger, and certainly faster than Jacobs is. The problem with Jacobs during his last year with the Giants is that he had no acceleration to get to the, albeit limited, holes that he could run through. When Jacobs comes in, you know exactly what the team was going to do, because he isn’t quick enough to get to the outside anymore.

Would he beat out Da’Rel Scott for the third running back spot? Maybe. Scott can play special teams, something Jacobs can’t do. Scott also hasn’t had a chance to showcase his skills due to injury. The Giants also have Ryan Torain, someone who didn’t get a chance last season with the team, but someone who has ability.

When running a team, it’s always better to let a player go a year too early than a year too late. The Giants made the smart monetary and player move by letting Jacobs go last season, and he didn’t exactly do much last season with the 49ers. Bringing him back, and not giving a younger player or two a chance wouldn’t make much sense at this point. The Giants should stick with what they have and add through the draft, rather than going back to someone they once had.


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