2013 NFL Draft: Ryan Nassib Would Be Another QB Mistake for Buffalo Bills

By Michael Collins

It’s 17 years since Jim Kelly called it quits, and the Buffalo Bills are still searching for someone to lead their team back to the playoffs on a consistent basis. Despite signing several free agents and making several questionable QB draft picks over the years, none of the potential replacements have been the answer the Bills wanted.

Too many reports are linking the Bills to Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib in the 2013 NFL Draft, a pick that would end up being yet another in a long line of mistakes in trying to find the right man for the job.

Nassib is a project, and someone who is going to need a team that is already having some success to help bring him along. He’s not going to be able to step in to a floundering franchise and lift them up in the way Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III did in 2012. He’d end up struggling much like Brandon Weeden did last season.

The Bills made two good quarterback decisions during this offseason; they said goodbye to Ryan Fitzpatrick, and they signed free agent Kevin Kolb. Fitzpatrick was never going to be the QB the Bills thought he would be, and Kolb should be somewhat of a step up.

That’s not to say Kolb is the answer either, but he’s going to be a good bridge leading to what will hopefully be Buffalo’s next franchise quarterback. What Buffalo needs to realize is that their next QB isn’t going to come out of this year’s draft. They need to use Kolb to get them by and to bring some mature veteran presence to the locker room.

The Bills should use their draft picks to solidify other areas, such as offensive line and defensive secondary, before they go out drafting another quarterback who will more than likely end up grouped with Alex Van Pelt, Rob Johnson, J.P. Losman, Trent Edwards and Fiztpatrick.

There is an obvious connection between Bills head coach Doug Marrone–who was the Syracuse head coach for four years–and Nassib, as well as Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett who helped coach Nassib during the last three seasons. But the Bills need to put familiarity aside during this draft, and think more about quarterbacks who will be entering the draft during 2014, which promises to be a QB class that could rival last year’s.

Kevin Kolb will get the Bills by for at least one season, then Buffalo can start thinking about drafting someone to groom into their franchise quarterback.


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