Cleveland Browns Draft: Spotlight on QB EJ Manuel

By Ryan Ruiz
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In a very weak quarterback class, there’s really only one that I wouldn’t mind seeing on the Cleveland Browns in the future. His name is EJ Manuel from the Florida State Seminoles and he is quickly gaining draft stock every passing day. Here is my scouting report on Manuel.

I don’t think there is a more humble or mature player in this upcoming draft than Manuel. Before the 2012 season, Manuel’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite being mentally distraught about it, the 21-year-old kept plugging away and played inspiring football. While dealing with his mom’s cancer treatments, Manuel threw for 3,397 yards, 23 passing touchdowns and rushed for over 300 yards his senior year at FSU. He did not go public with the news till late in the season.

In an interview regarding his feelings about his mother’s cancer with ESPN, Manuel said, “That’s why I told my teammates, ‘don’t take anything for granted, don’t wait. If you can go ahead and do something now, if you can go study and watch film now, go do it. Don’t try to say I’ll put it off until tomorrow because you don’t know what will come tomorrow.” Manuel played his heart out and despite not winning a National Championship, left everything out on the field.

At 6’5″ and 238 pounds, Manuel possesses good arm strength and agility. The mobility and high character factor is what will drive teams to look at Manuel. With Manuel, a team will not have to worry about him off the field either. Although Manuel needs to adjust to things like understanding blitz schemes and “happy feet”, these things are coachable.

While Manuel is not worthy of Cleveland’s sixth overall pick, the former Seminole will be gone by the end of the first round. Unless the Browns trade down, the odds of selecting Manuel are not high. This is where an early second round pick would have been nice to have if Manuel sneaked in to the round. Who knows, maybe a move will be made.

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