Indianapolis Colts Choice of Andrew Luck Made a Few Analysts Look Dumb

By Michael Collins
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

This is a column I’ve been dreading penning for nearly a year now, but I’m not above eating a huge slice of humble pie and admitting when I’m wrong–and boy was I wrong about Andrew Luck.

The Indianapolis Colts got everything the wanted out of Luck last season, and my predictions that he’d be another in a long line of Pac-12 quarterback busts was thrown out the window with yesterdays banana peels about four games into the 2012 season.

It’s part of the job; you look at the facts, you study the numbers and you make an analysis. Everything I saw was pointing to Luck following in the footsteps of such esteemed Pac-12 signal callers as Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, Joey Harrington and Cade McNown–all guys who didn’t entirely flop, but never reached the heights they were predicted to hit in the NFL.

Well here it is Stanford Cardinal and Indianapolis Colts fans…I offer all apologies for casting any disparaging commentary on your quarterback, who is clearly much more equipped to play in the NFL than I had ever foreseen. This prognosticator of draft busts was completely busted, and I retract all doubts at this time.

Luck did precisely everything I said the he wouldn’t be able to do, most importantly, leading the Colts back to the playoffs (even with a head coach missing the better part of the season with cancer treatments), not to mention breaking several records and being selected to his first of what will be undoubtedly many Pro Bowls.

In all truth, I’m ecstatic for the Colts. They are truly one of the classiest franchises with one of the most personable (although at times nutty) owners in the league. I couldn’t see Peyton Manning wanting to stay there for so long if they didn’t have a lot to offer and weren’t a great organization.

So there it is, a humble self-abatement of my completely inaccurate analysis of Andrew Luck. No hard feelings, Colts fans.


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