Peyton Manning's Jersey Sales Ranked 2nd in the NFL in 2012

By Mark Stringer
Greg M. Cooper – USA Today Sports

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning‘s jersey sold more than any other NFL player’s in 2012 except Robert Griffin III. Manning’s jersey sales also rank third all-time behind Brett Favre‘s 2009 Minnesota Vikings jersey and Griffin’s in 2012.

Griffin has became very popular as a rookie and his popularity will only increase if he is able to recover from injury and play at the same high level for the Washington Redskins as he did as a rookie in 2012.

Manning’s chances to pass a player like Griffin in jersey sales are slim to none because of the fact that Manning’s burst of sales was mainly in part of him changing teams for the first time in his long career. Now all the Broncos fans in the world have to get a Manning jersey and a majority of the huge Manning fans will also get one in the blue and orange as well.

It could be worse like it was with New York Jets QB Tim Tebow, who was first in sales a year ago when he led the Broncos to a magical season that ended after a playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. This year Tebow fell to 13th in the league in sales and controversy is the only thing that is keeping his sales even that high right now.

Manning’s jersey will always sell to true NFL fans, but in Manning’s mind there is only one rank that is important to him and that is being a Super Bowl champion again before he retires.

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