Should Dallas Cowboys Keep an Eye on Ronde Barber?

By Ben Grimaldi
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have had a need at safety for a long time now. No matter what they do to try and upgrade the position, they continue to fall a little bit short. This offseason the Cowboys made the decision to switch to the Tampa 2 defense of new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and perhaps they would bring in a star disciple of Kiffin’s to help at safety.

Ronde Barber played under Monte Kiffin for the majority of his career and would make a nice fit for a Cowboys secondary that has lacked the ability to pick off passes. The Dallas defense had only seven interceptions last season, while Barber at age 37, picked off four passes. Barber would also make sense for the Cowboys since he has the experience needed in the Tampa 2 defense.

Despite all of this, the Cowboys should stay away from Barber, for now. Dallas needs to see what happens in the draft and with the other cuts this summer before deciding whether they need to sign Barber or not. The Cowboys already made a veteran safety signing with Will Allen and they still love the potential of Matt Johnson, so adding Barber wouldn’t make sense.

If the Cowboys can’t find a good safety in the draft and don’t think Johnson will be a good fit in training camp, then it may be time to explore signing Barber, but there is no reason to think about it now. Johnson, or whoever the Cowboys draft at safety, will need all the repetitions they can get and bringing in Barber will just stop that process. At some point, the young players have to play and the Cowboys need to find out what they have in Johnson.

Ronde Barber would be a good fit for the Cowboys, but he should only be a last resort; a late August type of resort.

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