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Top 5 Biggest Projects in 2013 NFL Draft

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2013 NFL Draft: Top 5 Biggest Projects

Crystal LoGiudice-USA Today Sports

We are two weeks away from the start of the 2013 NFL Draft and many first round hopefuls are hoping to hear their names called within the first 32 picks.

Now while many first round selections are drafted based purely on skill, some are taken based simply off their potential. Those who have high ceilings to one day impact their respected franchises on the gridiron can be risky, but at this level it could also present a high reward situation.

No player entering the NFL Draft ever wants to be labeled as a potential bust, but these things happen and normally the players that fall into that category are guys that were drafted more so off potential. While many experts prepare to dive into the draft pool here in 2013, they must look at the balance between skill and potential.

Every year teams will draft guys that could be considered to be "projects." Sure, nearly everybody who is selected in the NFL Draft is ready for the professional ranks, but deciding whether or not they are ready to be impact performers is another situation entirely.

With the 2013 NFL Draft nearing its start at the tail end of April, let's take a look at five, first round projections who can be labeled as "projects."

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Tyler Eifert

Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Position: TE

College: Notre Dame

At 6-foot-5, Tyler Eifert has plenty of tools that can make him a valuable weapon at the tight end position in the NFL. Eifert has enough talent to be taken in the first round and while that will likely be the case on Apr. 25, Eifert needs to improve on his pass blocking. In order for Eifert to be successful and consistent at the professional level he will need some added work.

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Sheldon Richardson

Pat Lovell-USA Today Sports

Position: DT

College: Missouri

Sheldon Richardson is a first round selection, there's no doubt about that. However, one of his biggest weaknesses is his upper body strength. Richardson had off-season shoulder surgery, so it may take some time for him to regain that momentum.

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Jarvis Jones

Dale Zanine-USA Today Sports

Position: OLB

College: Georgia

Jarvis Jones' biggest weakness is his run stopping ability and the fact the he was only a one-year start for the Bulldogs. Jones can be labeled as a bit of a "project" simply because of that lack of experience. However, if Jones can improve that one factor quickly and prove he belongs on the field, he will make one NFL team particularly happy in the near future.

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Geno Smith

Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Position: QB

College: West Virginia

So it has appeared like Geno Smith will be the top quarterback taken here in 2013 for quite some time. However, despite the numerous upsides in Smith's potential, he does need some to improve his work from under center. These fundamental aspects will be crucial, but they could taken some time.

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Ezekiel Ansah

Jake Roth-USA Today Sports

Position: DE

College: BYU

Ezekiel Ansah has through the roof potential. Some are even comparing him to Justin Tuck. The biggest issue however, is Ansah's experience and his ability to improve on stamina and fatigue. While that will come with more time and experience, it certainly isn't any overnight guarantee. Ansah only began playing football in 2010, but look at the progress he has made since then. Ansah however, does have the potential to be a real star in the NFL someday, there is no doubt about that.