Why the Oakland Raiders Don't Have the Worst Roster in the NFL

By Josh Walfish
Jeremy Brevard- USA Today Sports

The Oakland Raiders can’t seem to catch a break in the court of public opinion.

Reggie McKenzie has put together a much better roster than what Raiders’ fans saw last season, yet critics continue to say Oakland has the worst roster in the NFL. I am by no means an expert on this topic, but I see a lot of potential stars on this roster, which many teams cannot say.

Oakland has a star running back in Darren McFadden, who will return to his superstar form this year because he is healthy and Oakland’s new offensive philosophy will suit him better. Not many teams have that kind of player in the backfield which gives the Raiders a step up on a lot of teams.

The Raiders also have two quality wideouts in Denarius Moore and Jacoby Ford, who will both make a huge impact on the field. The man throwing them the ball, Matt Flynn, is a better quarterback than anyone on the Buffalo Bills or Jacksonville Jaguars.

Therefore, offensively, Oakland seems to be in better shape than some of the other teams in the top-10 of April’s NFL Draft.

On defense, the Raiders aren’t great, but they have a lot of nice pieces to work with. Tyvon Branch will be a stud on the back end and the linebackers are no joke either. Nick Roach will be the leader of the group in the middle and will help anchor a defense which should be much better than last season.

The defensive line still needs some work, but Andre Carter and Lamarr Houston will make plays if surrounded by good defensive tackles, which Oakland seems to be stockpiling. McKenzie brought in several good defensive backs to help solidify the secondary, a needed improvement after last season.

All in all, the Raiders’ roster is not the best. It may not even be average, but there are too many pieces there to call it worse than what the Jaguars or Bills have to offer.

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