Tyrann Mathieu Embarrassed By Pompous NFL Executive

By Devin O'Barr
Tyrann Mathieu with a microphone
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Somewhere along the lines of NFL executives becoming more and more arrogant, the selfish bunch now believes that it is okay to disclose private information about a potential draft pick.

Tyrann Mathieu is projected to be a third-round pick, but that has not stopped one anonymous NFL executive from squealing on the former LSU Tiger. Matieu was given the boot from LSU after countless run-ins with the law, but one executive in particular said that he failed at least 10 drug tests.

The athletic cornerback has already admitted to being a recovering drug addict and now he has to deal with these reports. Mathieu has initially declined the report, but that does not matter. For an executive to go out of his way and anonymously leak information like that is nothing short of gutless and he should be ashamed of himself.

I desperately wish that this coward would have put his name on the report because the anonymous tag is awfully irresponsible.

In most jobs, the interview process is simple and involves absolute secrecy, but Mathieu was not awarded such liberty. Now with the Manti Te’o hoax and countless instances surrounding immaturity plaguing NCAAF, the inquiry is understandable, but to disclose the information makes no sense to me.

Perhaps this is a ploy for make Mathieu’s draft stock decline as there is little to no motive to exploit a player who has already been fed to the wolves. 10 failed drug tests does not even change the perspective on this prospect as he has a lengthy police record.

Nonetheless, the issue of executives being pompous and ignorant is only getting worse and before something catastrophic happens, the NFL needs to step in.

Commissioner Roger Goodell is always the first to penalize players for misconduct, so he must play both sides of the coin and suspend or fine these vain executives.

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