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Victor Cruz Needs to Realize Current Offer From New York Giants is Best He’s Going to Get

(Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports)

It seems like the saga between the New York Giants and Victor Cruz trying to reach a new contract agreement will never come to an end as the two sides continue to struggle. The Giants have already made an offer to Cruz in which he would make around $7 million per year and the wideout has made it clear he wants to remain with the team for the long run–so reaching an agreement shouldn’t be as difficult, right?


Apparently, Cruz is looking for even more money and while he may believe he’s earned it over the last two years, the wideout should just accept the money now. While Cruz has played a key role in the Giants’ passing game over the last two seasons, he still has a lot to prove when it comes to being consistent and the last thing New York wants to see happen is the team invest a ton of money into the wideout–only to see him struggle over the next couple of seasons.

Plus, making $7 million per year is a lot of money compared to some of the other wide receivers in the league and there’s a good chance Cruz won’t receive a better offer from the organization or another team–otherwise it would have come by now.

The fact that it’s taken both sides this long to work out a new deal is nothing short of ridiculous and the last thing they want to see happen is this process drag over into training camp. New York has already made a very reasonable offer–so maybe it’s time for Cruz to be smart and accept the deal now before it’s too late.

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