YouTube Sensation Harvey Rugland Signed by the Detroit Lions

By Simon Greene
Detroit Special Teams
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Does everyone remember YouTube sensation Harvey Rugland? At the beginning of January, a video went viral of the Norwegian kicking guru showing off the kind of kicking skills that make you want to go and watch NFL Fantasy Files for the thousandth time. From that video, he received a try out with the New York Jets, but not hearing any more from that situation it was easy to conclude that it did not end with a signing.

Good news for Rugland arrived yesterday, as the Detroit Lions came knocking with a contract. Rugland tried out with the team last month, but they held off until they knew the definite situation with kicker Jason Hanson, but when he decided to retire, the Lions signed David Akers along with Rugland.

Now, the two are expected to duke it out for the starting spot and although the likelihood is that Akers will win the starting spot as Rugland has no prior experience in American Football, I foresee a change along the line. Akers, as I’m sure you’re all aware, had an abysmal season last season that almost wound up with him being dropped before the Super Bowl by the San Francisco 49ers and led to him being cut at the beginning of the offseason.

Unless Akers is able to revert back to his old kicking ways then he’s heading down a very long path that will lead to him warming the bench during the cold Detroit winter while Rugland takes over the starting spot. Fitness will be the top goal for the Lions when it comes to Rugland, as I doubt he has had training the likes of what he will experience at training camp this offseason, but all going well, Rugland could become the first YouTube sensation to start in the NFL.

Take a look below at the YouTube video that started his career.

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