2013 NFL Draft: Buffalo Bills Would Be Wise to Select a Quarterback in the First Round

By Dan Parzych
(Gary A. Vasquez/USA Today Sports)

Give the Buffalo Bills credit for realizing they needed to part ways with Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason and while they may have taken a bit of a financial loss–this was a move that needed to happen. Even though they signed Kevin Kolb following his release from the Arizona Cardinals, the argument can be made they should still strongly consider adding another quarterback before the regular season–which is where the 2013 NFL Draft comes into play.

While there’s no standout quarterback guaranteed to be in the top 10 like previous years, there are still plenty of talented player with potential to build a franchise around. With the No. 8 pick, Buffalo may find themselves in the position to select a quarterback like Geno Smith or Matt Barkley and if either of these quarterbacks are available–they need to strongly consider drafting either one of them.

The Bills may have been desperate enough to bring on a quarterback like Kolb, but he’s received plenty of opportunities to prove himself as a starter in the NFL and if he can’t even find success with a wide receiver like Larry Fitzgerald–there may not be much hope for him in Buffalo. The fact that two franchises have already given up on Kolb as their quarterback shows what type of player he really is–so the wise move for the Bills would be to focus their attention on selecting another quarterback with their first-round pick a few weeks from now.

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