Bad Move for Bernard Scott to Re-Sign for the Cincinnati Bengals

By Simon Greene
Bernard Scott
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

There must not have been a while lot more interest for Bernard Scott because in the same week he visited with another team, he turned around and signed with the Cincinnati Bengals once again, a move that could end up being a mistake.

Normally when back-up players re-sign with their former teams after being cut, it seems as if they’re swallowing their pride and returning to where they weren’t wanted.

In Scott’s case, there is an added factor to this. There has been a lot of speculation since the end of the season who the Bengals would be picking up in this years’ NFL Draft; and although it’s largely still a mystery, they have made it clear that they will be looking to pick up a running back at some point.

With the return of Scott, it’s easy to say that the Bengals will wait until later rounds to pick up a running back, keep him as a developmental back and continue wearily with a back field that will just about pass as acceptable. This however, is a very unlikely scenario.

In reality, the Bengals are still going to need an early round running back prospect, the likes of Giovanni Bernard or Montee Ball to compliment current starting running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis, or even take over the back field. This will greatly decrease any possible playing time for Scott and could even lead to him being released again.

Although Scott is career back-up material, he certainly deserves more than possibly being released once more by the Bengals after teams have already finalized their rosters.

Simon Greene – Cincinnati Bengals Writer. Follow Simon on Twitter @simongreene88

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