Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Mock Draft, Week 6: 7 Rounds

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Denver Broncos Mock Draft: Take Six

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The NFL Draft is now less than two weeks away, but things are still changing by the minute. Some of you may have read my article on Rant Sports earlier this week where I advocated that the Denver Broncos should take running back, Eddie Lacy in the first round. The day after I wrote that, Lacy had his pro day and his performance produced mixed results at best, and some believe it was a disaster.

That changes things from the Broncos perspective. They cannot take him in the first-round; however, the one thing it does do is only increase the chances of what I believe the Broncos are going to do. They are never going to make a pick in the first-round, but will instead trade back and try to pick up another selection in the process.

There are two distinct benefits to doing this, with the first one being the added pick. As we’ve been reminding you, the Broncos only have six picks in the draft and they would like to add at least one more.

Secondly, there is very little difference in terms of the quality of the players between the end of the first round through the middle of the second round. There’s no way to predict the exact parameters of a trade but I would expect the Broncos to move back no further than the top of the second round. That should also allow them to pick up a later round pick as well. The guess here is that it would be in the fifth-round.

So to clarify, the Broncos in this scenario will not have a first-round pick, but will trade it and add two selections. Those selections will most likely be at the top of the second-round, and somewhere in the fifth-round. With that as the back drop, here’s the sixth edition on the Broncos mock draft.

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Second Round-Pick One-Eddie Lacy-Running Back-Alabama

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Just because Lacy did not perform well at his pro day does not mean that he is not a good pick for the Broncos. I still believe he is the perfect running back for what the Broncos want to do on offense.

As a review, Lacy is a tough inside runner and is excellent down around the goal-line. He will give the Broncos that back who can pick up those third-and-shorts that keep drives alive. Lacy is also good in pass protection and is an above-average receiver coming out of the backfield.

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Second Round-Pick Two-Cornellius Carradine-Defensive End-Florida State

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Last week I had the Broncos taking Cornellius Carradine in the first round, and that probably would have been a stretch for someone coming off of a knee injury. Late in the second round, however, Carradine is a perfect selection for the Broncos who are need of another pass rusher.

Carradine is very quick off of the ball and works well in tight areas. He has good upper body strength and has shown the ability to get to the quarterback. Carradine is also very good versus the run and has a great motor. The Broncos, if they can get both Lacy and Carradine, they would have gotten two players with first-round talent. That’s the value we’ve been talking about.

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Third Round-B.W. Webb-Cornerback-William and Mary

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The Broncos have three obvious needs to fill through the draft: running back, a pass rusher and a cornerback. We’ve all ready taking care of the first two with Lacy and Carradine. B.W. Webb would be an excellent selection for the Broncos in the third round.

Webb is a good cover corner who can play both outside and inside. He also displays good ball skills and has great hands so when he does get a chance for an interception, he’s going to come down with it. Shows good recovery speed and can cover man-to-man but is also comfortable playing zone. Webb is also willing to make a tackle and shows good support in the running game.

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Fourth Round-Everett Dawkins-Defensive Tackle-Florida State

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The Broncos all ready drafted one defensive lineman from Florida State in Carradine, so why not another one? Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio likes to rotate his tackles and Everett Dawkins would fit right into that rotation.

Dawkins is very good at stopping the run and often gets penetration into the backfield. He also provides a pass rush up the middle which the Broncos need to do better in 2013. He has a quick first step and is difficult for offensive lineman to get a clean block on. Has been defined as slippery which is a good thing for a defensive lineman.

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Fifth Round-Pick One-Josh Evans-Safety Florida

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The Broncos are also looking for another young safety to compete with Rahim Moore and Quinton Carter. Josh Evans displays an attacking mentality from the safety position, which is something the Broncos have been missing for quite some time. He shows good ball skills and is not afraid to compete with receivers when the ball is in the air.

Evans also has the ability to blitz from the safety spot and knows how to time the blitz very well. Overall, Evans is a safety that plays both the pass and run very well.

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Fifth Round-Pick Two-Reid Fragel-Left Tackle-Ohio State

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Reid Fragel has been on the radar in this mock draft for a couple of weeks now; he just makes too much sense. The Broncos are set at the tackle position for at least another season but they do need some depth.

Fragel is a converted tight end but has shown the ability to be a quality tackle in the NFL. He would have no pressure on him and would be able to learn behind Ryan Clady and Orlando Franklin, while also providing some much-needed depth. The Broncos do not have a pick in the sixth round, so we move on to round No. 7.

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Seventh Round-T.J. Moe-Wide Receiver-Missouri

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As with the tackle position, the Broncos are set at the receiver position but are in need of some depth and insurance for the future. Eric Decker is a free agent following the 2013 season and Wes Welker is on a two-year contract.

T.J. Moe projects as a slot receiver in the NFL who works well over the middle, and knows how to get open. He is an excellent route runner with good hands. Moe is never going to beat anyone with his speed, but knows how to find the soft spots in a defense. He would also be able to contribute on special teams while contributing as a fourth or fifth receiver.

The Broncos made noise this week as they looked a couple of quarterbacks that would be available in the later rounds. The team still believes that Brock Osweiler is the future but as of now, they only have two quarterbacks on the roster. They need to add two more before training camp, so drafting one is not out of the question.

There’s only one mock draft left before the real thing begins on April 25th, hopefully we’ve been able to give you some idea of where the Broncos might be looking and we will certainly have the draft covered for you.

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