Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker Supports New DUI Bill

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker knows about tragedy caused by DUI. This past February, shortly after Super Bowl XLVII, his aunt and uncle were killed when they were hit by an alleged drunk driver. It was an incident that’s changed Walker’s life, as he has since joined forces with M.A.D.D. (mothers against drunk driving) to voice his opinions on the subject. In addition, he wrote a letter to Tennessee lawmakers to show support for a new bill that would require first time DUI offenders to have the ‘blow device’ put in their vehicles.

“I know too well the pain caused by drunk driving. I am excited to be playing for the Titans. And, can think of no better welcome to Tennessee than passage of legislation that will save lives and stop drunk driving. This game changing legislation would honor the memory of my aunt and uncle and all victims of this senseless crime while helping to protect families in Tennessee.”

It’s always great to see athletes using their status for positive things. Far too frequently athletes use their status to manipulate the legal system, and often get breaks that normal folks wouldn’t get. Walker is correct when he says that this new law doesn’t discriminate. DUI offenders are DUI offenders, there’s no middle ground.

Hopefully, if this new law is passed, it will deter people from drunk driving more than ever. Having the dreaded ‘blow device’ in your car is nothing to be proud of. Walker knows that his personal tragedy could have possibly been avoided if such a law happened to be in place. It will be interesting to see if the new bill passes, but it’s still nice to see a pro athlete advocating for a law that could save lives.


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