Trade Talk Surrounding Kirk Cousins Needs to Stop

By Greg Bradshaw
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

In recent years, the Washington Redskins have added few playmakers to their roster. That changed in 2012 with the addition of wide receiver Pierre Garcon and running back Alfred Morris. Oh, there was another addition to the roster that solidified the roster as well. Maybe you’ve heard of him: quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Washington added depth to the quarterback position, resigning Rex Grossman and adding Pat White to the mix. White is the most intriguing addition because of his strong arm and exceptional speed at the quarterback position. His addition to the Redskins has some fans believing that he could be RG3 light, capable of backing up Griffin III, the original “RG3”.

Those thoughts are extremely premature for two reasons. The first is that prominent NFL teams don’t rely on quarterbacks that have been out of the league for three years to play a significant role right away. Secondly, that would denigrate the contributions of quarterback Kirk Cousins.

It could be reasoned that Cousins could serve as trade bait for Washington in an effort to gain future draft choices. He played well during Griffin III’s sporadic absences due to injury during the 2012 season. He could be a starter for some of the teams that are shaky at the position. Then again, the Redskins could be one of those teams that are questionable at quarterback.

Griffin III is the undisputed number one option as Redskins’ quarterback. He is believed to be ahead of schedule rehabbing his injured right ACL. However, there’s no guarantee how efficient Griffin III will be under center.  It can’t be reasoned that White can ably contribute to Washington’s offense in 2013, considering his sabbatical from the game. And Rex Grossman is…..well, Rex Grossman.

Simply put, Cousins is the Redskins’ best option if RG3 somehow falters at quarterback.  He proved his value against the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns in 2012. Trading him at this point in time to obtain draft picks figuratively cuts off the Redskins’ nose to spite their face. Washington’s offense is a currently a pretty solid unit with Cousins backing up RG3. Therefore, it would be wise for the Redskins to hold onto their backup quarterback.

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