Will the Cleveland Browns Ever Settle on a Quarterback?

By Michael Collins
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A Cleveland Browns starting quarterback has all the job security of George Costanza in a lingerie store.

Faster than you can say “Where are you, Brian Sipe?” the Browns seem to turn their fickle attention to another quarterback. Since the Browns reformed in 1999, they have fielded…wait for it…ten different starting quarterbacks. That means the average lifespan of a starting QB for the Browns during that time is little under 1.5 years.

Brandon Weeden, welcome to the world of the NFL in Cleveland. Your time is over halfway up.

If you think that statement is an exaggeration, then you need to realize the fact that the Browns are meeting with and/or having private workouts with Geno Smith and EJ Manuel, both of whom are considered to be the top two quarterbacks in this year’s draft class.

Both Smith and Manuel are dual-threat quarterbacks who can run the type of read-option offense that new Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski brought into the Carolina Panthers offense for Cam Newton to run. 

So once again, after only a single season, another Browns quarterback has to look in the rear view mirror while trying to work on developing as an NFL quarterback. Weeden should probably go ahead and join whatever annual reunion club to which Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye, Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch belong.

It almost seems like a yearly ritual at this point. We start hearing talk around draft time about which quarterback is going to be the one to lift the Cleveland Browns from lethargy and become the second coming of Bernie Kosar. With new coaches come new schemes, new ways of thinking and–in many cases–new ideas of what the quarterback should be able to do.

This seems to make sense in that, since the reformation of the Browns (and their ten starting QBs), Cleveland has had seven different head coaches.

The circumstances in which most quarterbacks are forced to play in Cleveland are less than desirable. Usually a QB finds himself either running for his life, or trying to turn his helmet around so he’s not looking through his earhole after and unsuccessful scamper.

I’m beginning to wonder why Colt McCoy was even mildly upset about being given his walking papers from the Browns.

If the Browns do draft either Smith or Manuel, and create a competition (once again) for the starting quarterback position, I would hope that owner Jimmy Haslam and new GM Michael Lombardi would put a moratorium on drafting any more QBs for at least a four-year period.


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