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Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

With Tony Romo getting his new deal, it sparked a controversy as to why he is getting paid as one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. I question that too. For all the garbage Joe Flacco gets, at least he produces when it matters. When was the last time Romo produced anything? Oh, but here's the fun part when it comes to Flacco and Romo. Romo supporters will always talk about how he doesn't have a defense that Flacco has. Once again, excuses. People talk about how the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most talented teams in the league year-in and year-out it seems. So in reference to Flacco having a defense, are those people talking about the same defense the vast majority have called old and slow due to Ray Lewis and Ed Reed over the last five years? Make up your minds people.

But I digress. Being among the highest paid does not mean you are among the best, but what does determine the best is how you produce when it matter most. Forget about all the stats in terms of the individual. Individual stats are important. But even more so, is the way you perform in toughest of times. Does Flacco's regular season numbers validate him being the highest paid player in the league? No. But how he produces in the playoffs does.

Flacco proved his worth. So have Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Drew Brees and Tom Brady to name a few. So if people say Flacco isn't a top 10 quarterback in the league because of his regular season numbers, lets remind everyone that over the last five years, since Flacco entered the NFL in 2008, no player has thrown more touchdowns in the playoffs than he has with 19.

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Number 10
David Butler II- USA Today Sports
Schaub has trouble stepping it up against big time opponents. If you can't beat the New England Patriots defense consistently, when can you? But he is solid enough to get the job done.
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Number nine
Tim Heitman- USA Today Sports
He's not worth the money he got. Regardless if he got the money, this is a big year for him. Despite the contract, he could be moved if he doesn't step it up.
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Number eight
Daniel Shirey- USA Today Sports
Very Talented player, but like Romo, it's time for him to produce. A lot of talent on the offensive side of the ball, he just needs more playoff wins.
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Joe Flacco

Number seven
Matthew Emmons- USA Today Sports
This is the first player that I have ever witnessed where some people try to say that regular season numbers are more important than playoff numbers. That may be the only thing he needs to do in terms of improving his regular season numbers. But hey, some people will still discredit him regardless.
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Eli Manning

Number six
Brad Penner- USA Today Sports
Two-time champion. What more needs to be said?
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Ben Roethlisberger

Number five
Charles LeClaire- USA Today Sports
Ben had a down year in terms of injuries in 2012. But if he can stay healthy, watch out.
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Drew Brees

Number four
John David Mercer- USA Today Sports
Brees has carried this organization since he stepped in during the 2006 season with no signs of slowing down.
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Number three
Greg M. Cooper- USA Today Sports
Methodical as it gets. Very few have an answer for him.
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Peyton Manning

Number two
Mark J. Rebilas- USA Today Sports
You know how I said Brees is one of two quarterbacks in the league that will still score even if they play bad? This is other guy. Hard to slow down in any situation. Manning is the x-factor of every game. Everything depends on him. Even the opponent. Manning is better than Brady. There, I said it.
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Number one
Cary Edmondson- USA Today Sports
Rodgers is Brady with mobility and a lesser supporting cast on offense. Can you get any better than him?