Dallas Cowboys Players Need to Show Up Today

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

April 15 is a big day for plenty of reasons, obviously it’s the deadline for many of us to get our taxes done and it’s a special day for MLB because today they honor Jackie Robinson and his accomplishments in the game of baseball. However, it’s also a big day for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans.

Today kicks off the voluntary workouts for the Cowboys and many of the players are expected to show up. This is the part of the offseason where players are supervised in their workouts and can get together with teammates to begin the process of getting ready for the upcoming NFL season. I know it doesn’t seem like a huge deal but it is.

These voluntary workouts can bring a team together and show the commitment the players have to each other. As DeMarcus Ware said, it’s time to put up or shut up and if the Cowboys are tired of being an average football team, these are the days they need to work together. Teams often become closer when no one’s watching and there’s no better way to show your teammates you have their back than by putting in the work with them.

The Cowboys usually have very good attendance at these workouts and I wouldn’t expect that to change this year but players have been known to skip these workouts with teammates. Dallas strength and conditioning coach Mike Woicik runs the programs and hopefully this season he can devise a program that will stop all the hamstring issues that plagued the team last year.

Great teams are made in many ways and working out together is one of them. Let’s hope the Cowboys strive for greatness begins on April 15, as a team.

Ben is a Cowboys writer for Rantsports.com and you can chat with or follow Ben on twitter @BenGrimaldi

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