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Miami Dolphins 2013 NFL Draft, Week 6: Seven Rounds

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Miami Dolphins 2013 NFL Mock Draft

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First off, my prayers go out to victims and anyone affected by the Boston Marathon bombings. I really do not know what this world is coming to.

Now, back to ball. This week I caved in. I have Xavier Rhodes as the Miami Dolphins first round pick. The Rant Sports Overall Mock Draft had the fins’ picking Rhodes, and so do various other analysts, so I thought I should join in on the “fun.”

I still really like the Dolphins going offensive line in the first round, as I think they could get the best value in the draft by going corner in the second round with Jamar Taylor. While Rhodes is a godo prospect, and many believe he can be a great corner, many also don’t think he will live up to the hype. I, myself, am stuck in the middle, but at this point who knows who will be a “boom” or a “bust.”

The Dolphins, whoever the pick up at the 13th overall pick, need to make sure that they don’t draft a bust. As I always say with a top first round pick, you can’t afford to draft someone who won’t be able to make an impact on the field right away.

Comment and let me know your thoughts. I am always open for suggestions, and I love to hear what the fans have to say. A few weeks ago, fans expressed what they wanted to see in the next mock and I listened to them and took their advice. So, keep the suggestions coming!

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First Round: Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback - Florida State

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

I will listen to the analysts for this mock and go with Xavier Rhodes at number nine. I don’t necessarily think this will happen, but the Dolphins desperately need a corner and Rhodes is one of the best prospects out on the market. Rhodes loves to get physical and jam receivers, which is a quality of a corner we don’t see that much anymore in the league.

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Second Round: Kyle Long, Offensive Tackle, Oregon

Jaime Valdez-USA Today Sports

With the switch at the first round pick, the second round must be dedicated to offensive line, and Kyle Long should be picked up here. He is long, standing at 6’6 and is extremely mobile for his size. A good pick up here, as he is the best lineman available at this point.

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Second Round (2): Gavin Escobar, Tight End, San Diego State

Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

The Dolphins need a blocking tight end. Gavin Escobar can be the next big target tight end in the league. Escobar is 6’6 and extremely athletic for his size. He has good hands, is a good blocker and a good fit for the Dolphins.

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Third Round: Trevardo Williams, Linebacker, University of Connecticut

Howard Smith-USA Today Sports

Trevardo Williams will slip in the third round because he is under-sized, but he is an explosive athlete. His quickness and speed have earned him the accolade of having arguable the best get-off of any edge pass rusher in this draft. Williams will be a good linebacker in this league, even with his size.

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Third Round (2): Devin Taylor, Defensive End, South Carolina

Jeremy Brevard-USA Today Sports

Along with Corey Lemonier, the 6’7 Devin Taylor can be a force on the defensive line. Between Lemonier and Taylor, could be a force to be reckoned with on the line.

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Fourth Round: Corey Lemonier, Defense End, Auburn

Paul Abell-USA Today Sports

I just absolutely love this kid for some reason. Corey Lemonier is one of the best speed rushers in the draft, and I think he will fit well with the Dolphins.

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Fifth Round: Earl Wolff, Safety, NC State

Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

I like Earl Wolff out of NC State. Wolff is instinctive tough, and compares to Deon Grant, so he must be good. Wolff wraps well and possesses a good athletic body that is needed to compete in the NFL.

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Seventh Round: Denard Robinson, Wide Receiver, Michigan

Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

I still have Denard Robinson here. I love him as a football player in general, and really hope that he becomes a great wildcat play caller.

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Seventh Round (2): Tanner Hawkinson, Offensive Tackle, Kansas

Brian Spurlock-USA Today Sports

Tanner Hawkinson is a guy who every team would like to have. You can't do any better at this point in the draft.