New York Giants' Victor Cruz Isn't Going Anywhere

By Andrew Lecointe
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

The New York Giants started their off-season workout program earlier today, and WR Victor Cruz was noticeably not in attendance.

This may cause some panic in some Giants’ fans, but we need not be worried. If anything, the recent Time Warner Cable commercial with Cruz and former Pittsburgh Steelers‘ head coach Bill Cowher should be an indication that Cruz will remain in Giants uniform for the near future.

Cruz has an opportunity to cash in on the huge media market in New York, and he’s already doing so with several Time Warner Cable commercials, in addition to a Foot Locker commercial with teammate WR Hakeem Nicks. These opportunities are scarce in another market, so Cruz is left with little choice. It also is pretty evident that no team has shown much interest in parting with a first-round draft pick in order to sign Cruz long-term.

Cruz can accept his one-year tender, or accept the long-term deal the Giants proposed to him not too long ago. That deal was reported to be $7 million a season for about four years. Cruz is probably looking at deals other wide receivers have been able to receive recently. However, Cruz should be looking at the cap situation for the Giants.

The Giants have a good problem on their hands. They have many talented players they need to sign in the future. DE Jason Pierre-Paul and Nicks are the two notable players with big paydays ahead. Also, a sleeper is CB Prince Amukamara, who has shown valued progress in his second season. Cruz should realize this and accept the offer of $7 million per season. That is still a solid deal for a wide receiver.

If Cruz is looking for $10 million per season, he can forget about it. He has been silent throughout it all, so no one knows his thinking … though, he would be wise to just accept the Giants’ offer.

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