Stalled Darrell Revis Talks Show New York Jets Can't Get Out Of Their Own Way

By tonygraham
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Recent reports have the New York Jets stalling negotiations in a potential trade of Darrell Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s nine days left before the 2013 NFL draft, and we find the Jets with multiple needs. They have the ninth overall selection and if they want to avoid picking in the top-10 of the 2014 draft, those needs must be addressed.

The impactful players in free agency have reached their destinations, and the Jets are still in trouble. Some may look at the ineffective Mark Sanchez and the older and often-injured David Garrard and say that have at least two holes at QB.

They have no pass rush to speak of, and could use at least one OLB. They have huge problems on the offensive line, and could use two starters there. Their best TE, Dustin Keller, signed as a free agent with their division rival Miami Dolphins and they don’t have much at wide receiver.

So what do they do with their seemingly one ray of hope? According to ESPN’s Sal Palantonio, they stall. The Jets are in a position to unload a huge contract while picking up much needed draft picks.

More specifically, according to SI’s Peter King, the 13th overall selection in addition to the Bucs third and fifth round picks have been offered. Now, these picks aren’t going to catapult the Jets to overnight AFC East division contender status. However, if used the right way, they could combine with the selections the team already has, to make life a lot easier for new team GM John Idzik. 

Though a recent MRI showed positive results and Revis has been cleared to “run without restrictions” by Dr. Russell Warren, now is not the time to seek leverage over Tampa Bay. Although Revis is an elite corner in the league, if not the best, he is not the future of this franchise. He’s also not going to be an impact player in 2013 with all the other needs the team has.

This deal should have been taken by the Jets before the sentence containing the offer was complete. Let’s hope for the Jets’ sake that the Bucs don’t start to realize how deep this draft really is at the cornerback position.


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