2013 NFL Draft: Indianapolis Colts Should Take RB to Ease Pressure on Andrew Luck

By Michael Collins
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Indianapolis Colts have at least temporarily (yes, sarcasm) fixed that pesky quarterback situation with last year’s first-round gem, Andrew Luck, they will need to focus their magic draft eye on the backfield in 2013, and find a top notch running back to compliment their prolific passer.

Five-year veteran Donald Brown is nice, but the rest of the Colts’ backfield is largely unknown and bring only between little NFL game experience each. Scanning over the list, there just aren’t any names that jump off the page and say, “That’s the Colts’ guy”.

The Colts have two possible options to bring in someone who can pound his way through a defensive line, as well as stand up incoming blitzers who mean to do Luck some harm.

First, they could roll the dice and pick one of several possible premier running backs in the draft, or, they could trade draft picks to a team looking to stockpile a few picks for a running back already on their roster. This would be unlikely however, as the Colts only have six total picks, with three of them coming in the sixth and seventh rounds.

With the 24th pick in the first round, it’s unlikely that Indianapolis would be able to land a Montee Ball or Eddie Lacy, nor does it seem likely that the Colts are even going to look at running backs that early in the draft. But, if they use their third round pick (number 86 overall) to go after a RB, they could potentially land someone who Luck is very familiar with.

Imagine seeing the comfort level of Andrew Luck if he’s standing there placing  (or play faking) the ball in the gut of Stepfan Taylor, who worked and played quite nicely with Luck at Stanford.

Luck already has his favorite tight end target from college, Coby Fleener, on the Colts roster to help make him feel at home, so the addition of Taylor could have Luck acting as if he’s marching up and down the field against Pac-12 token resistance. The combination of the Luck-Taylor-Fleener trio came close to winning the BCS championship, so there’s no reason to think there would be much of a fall off now.

Taylor would be a safe pick, and one well worth giving a shot given what’s standing behind Luck in the Colts’ backfield now.


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